Stuart Woods - Stone Barrington Audiobook Collection (64 Unabridged MP3 Audiobooks)

Stuart Woods - Stone Barrington Audiobook Collection (64 Unabridged MP3 Audiobooks)

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Item description

Sorry, this collection is currently only available on USB.

You are purchasing the following 64 unabridged Stuart Wood audiobook recordings:

   01. New York Dead
   02. Dirt
   03. Dead in the Water
   04. Swimming to Catalina
   05. Worst Fears Realized
   06. L.A. Dead
   07. Cold Paradise
   08. The Short Forever
   09. Dirty Work
   10. Reckless Abandon
   11. Two-Dollar Bill
   12. Dark Harbor
   13. Fresh Disasters
   14. Shoot Him If He Runs
   15. Hot Mahogany
   16. Loitering With Intent
   17. Kisser
   18. Lucid Intervals
   19. Strategic Moves
   20. Bel-Air Dead
   21. Son of Stone
   22. D.C. Dead
   23. Unnatural Acts
   24. Severe Clear
   25. Collateral Damage
   26. Unintended Consequences
   27. Doing Hard Time
   28. Standup Guy
   29. Carnal Curiosity
   30. Cut and Thrust
   31. Paris Match
   32. Insatiable Appetites
   33. Hot Pursuit
   34. Naked Greed
   35. Foreign Affairs
   36. Scandalous Behavior
   37. Family Jewels
   38. Dishonorable Intentions
   39. Sex, Lies & Serious Money
   40. Below the Belt
   41. Fast & Loose
   42. Indecent Exposure
   43. Quick & Dirty
   44. Unbound
   45. Shoot First
   46. Turbulence
   47. Desperate Measures
   48. A Delicate Touch
   49. Wild Card
   50. Contraband
   51. Stealth
   52. Treason
   53. Hit List
   54. Choppy Water
   55. Shakeup
   56. Hush-Hush
   57. Double Jeopardy
   58. Class Act
   59. Foul Play
   60. Criminal Mischief
   61. A Safe House
   62. Black Dog
   63. Distant Thunder
   64. Near Miss (with Brett Battles)

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