Terry Goodkind - Sword of Truth + Collection (MP3 Audiobooks)

Terry Goodkind - Sword of Truth + Collection (26 MP3 Audiobooks)

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Includes the complete and unabridged Sword of Truth audiobook series, along with all related series' titles currently available. These are all the titles included with your purchase-

Sword of Truth
   0. The First Confessor
   0.5. Debt of Bones
   1. Wizard's First Rule
   2. Stone of Tears
   3. Blood of the Fold
   4. Temple of the Winds
   5. Soul of the Fire
   6. Faith of the Fallen
   7. The Pillars of Creation
   8. Naked Empire
   9. Chainfire
   10. Phantom
   11. Confessor
   12. The Omen Machine
   13. The Third Kingdom
   14. Severed Souls
   15. Warheart

Nicci Chronicles
   1. Death's Mistress
   2. Shroud of Eternity
   3. Siege of Stone
   4. Heart of Black Ice

Children of D'Hara
   1. The Scribbly Man
   2. Hateful Things
   3. Wasteland
   4. Witch's Oath
   5. Into Darkness

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